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Learn about the plan to restore hosted web sites such as Saskatchewan Gen Web

World connect includes World Gen Web- Canada Gen Web and Saskatchewan Gen Web.  The varioius GenWeb Project volunteers take on  a commitment to providing FREE internet access to resource and reference material information online on other websites, or by digitizing resources which are copyright free (either in the public domain or offered with permission from the copyright holder). The dedicated volunteers and submitters of information offer helpful advice to genealogical researchers by email or in FAQ formatting. As a volunteer non-commercial organization there is not any research for a fee provided nor is their a recommendation to commercial sites or researchers. Some of the volunteers do offer to provide lookups, at their convenience. The goal of the  gen webs is to provide online for free quality informational pages, pertinent postal addresses or website URLs, maps, query and surname resources, and friendly email lists. Gen Web volunteers work diligently hand in hand other genealogy resource sites, so that together, there is a connection for a larger Resource network to serve the genealogist.  Take the WorldConnect survey and let Ancestry/Rootsweb know that you use the rootsweb Gen Web connection network.

Rootsweb/ has been faced with maintenance issues since December of 2017. They are reaching out to the public to know what they think about World Connect AND rootsweb – the World Gen Web pages which include such sites as Canada Gen Web, US Gen Web and so much more.

What possibilities there are, and all in connection with a work which will hand down the family tree, wreathed with the memories of our ancestors, in a common halo of glory!


At the current moment World Connect – family tree section is online in read only format, so users cannot do additions nor upgrades to their existing family trees.  If they have received new information or if they have conducted further research, then these new items of information cannot be added to the family tree.   WorldConnect allows genealogists to upload their family tree as a GEDCOM file and publish it online for others to see. The WorldConnect program is currently under evaluation by Rootsweb/ software engineers and security team.  The plan is to have  a read-only, and searchable version up in the next few weeks. However, the ability to upload new GEDCOM files will be available in the coming months.

Learn about the plan to restore hosted web sites such as Saskatchewan Gen Web

World Connect

Rootsweb/ want to hear from you! Take the WorldConnect survey

Rebirth of Saskatchewan Gen Web

Please be patient, Saskatchewan Gen Web is coming back online!!! Woo hoo! has taken all the webpages of the World Gen Web offline which were online utilizing the hosting capacity of Rootsweb. has been in the process of maintenance since December 2017.

Why?  “We believe the intrusion was limited to the RootsWeb surname list, where someone was able to create the file of older RootsWeb usernames and passwords as a direct result of how part of this open community was set up, an issue we are working to rectify. ” Tony Blackham,’s CISO said.

Therefore, Saskatchewan Gen Web is having a rebirth at

Province of Saskatchewan with map design overlay
Province of Saskatchewan

RootsWeb began as a volunteer driven collective of people with an interest in genealogy who came together to host and share genealogical information online. Rootsweb was purchased by Ancestry in 2000.  In the summer of 2008 bought out Rootsweb and  RootsWeb provides resources online including webspace for volunteer web hosts, mailing lists, message boards for family genealogists to make connections through the WorldGenWeb project.  Rootsweb with its surname mailing lists, is the oldest free online community genealogy research site.

There were many thousands of pages of data, and documentation online for the genealogist researching their family tree in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Maps, historic train maps and guides, cemetery transcriptions and cemetery photographs, book indexing, book transcriptions, biographical accounts, letters, information and history about teachers, superintendents of the many Saskatchewan one room school house districts.  All of these pages placed online by dedicated volunteers are now offline until the employees IT department can fix the glitch.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience. For more information about the status of the maintenance please see this page

So, this is why Saskatchewan Gen Web is having a rebirth at

WE invite your comments, and we hope you enjoy the new format, and stay tuned for further updates and developments as the new Saskatchewan Gen Web grows online!

Saskatchewan Gen Web was originally online at Check periodically at the old link for updates by the ancestry team as to the status of the old Saskatchewan Gen Web, meanwhile, the rebirth will begin here.  Thank you kindly for the hours of dedicated work put into the web pages by the Saskatchewan Gen Web volunteers and Regional volunteers, your work was simply amazing and appreciated by so many!  Looking to the future when the original site is restored online by

Enjoy the new Saskatchewan Gen Web  at

In the high memory


Cemetery, Genealogical Research, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Canada Gen Web Cemetery Project has restructured their web pages, so that the index is available.  The Ancestor Remembrance Project, and the Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project are down at this time, as they were both hosted on Ancestry/  There is no time frame as to when the original cemetery transcription and photograph pages will be again up and running  ;-(  However, we will post news on this web site, which has started up in the interim.

Grieve with the heart; let not the head
Grieve on, when grief of heart is dead:

No, not that anguish! Christ forbid
That I should raise such dead! I rose,
Stifled the mouth with lilies, hid
Those eyes, and drew the long hair close,
And shut the coffin lid.

In the high memory that the desolate heart
Shrines and is dumb, yet may for ever keep
Unforbidden, the imperishable part,
And what Love held, awake, he holds, asleep.

Memory of loved one

It is hoped that the Saskatchewan Gen Web will soon be up and running again, with the resources for genealogists again online.  At this time the Saskatchewan Gen Web Mailing Lists are operational 😉




Let us never forget

“Above all things let us never forget that mankind constitutes one great brotherhood; all born to encounter suffering and sorrow, and therefore bound to sympathize with each other.” Albert Pike

Field of Poppies

The Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial  is an online tribute and remembrance dedicated to those from the province of Saskatchewan who have given the supreme sacrifice in military service. News report about the SVWM.

Personnel Records of the First World War Canadian Expeditionary Force CEF records database at Library and Archives Canada (LAC).  The LAC blog provides  updates on the status of files digitized online.  As 2014-2018 commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I, LAC are aiming to preserve the national heritage of Canada by digitizing the entirety of the CEF service files.

Microform digitization of the Veteran’s Death Cards: First World War.  These alphabetically arranged cards are online in the same format as they were first preserved in microform.  The death cards honour the CEF veterans who died after World War One.  The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) digitizes the fallen and the cemeteries resulting in an online memorial.  For those who gave the supreme sacrifice during World War I check the CWGC.

from Your Sask Gen Web Host, Julia Adamson

The Anxious Dead

O guns, fall silent till the dead men hear
Above their heads the legions pressing on:
(These fought their fight in time of bitter fear,
And died not knowing how the day had gone.)

O flashing muzzles, pause, and let them see
The coming dawn that streaks the sky afar;
Then let your mighty chorus witness be
To them, and Caesar, that we still make war.

Tell them, O guns, that we have heard their call,
That we have sworn, and will not turn aside,
That we will onward till we win or fall,
That we will keep the faith for which they died.

Bid them be patient, and some day, anon,
They shall feel earth enwrapt in silence deep;
Shall greet, in wonderment, the quiet dawn,
And in content may turn them to their sleep. ~John McCrae


Sask Gen Web on Rootsweb/

This above page is online to help with Saskatchewan genealogy research while the rootsweb/ team have the original website happens to be temporarily offline due to technical difficulties.

We, The RootsWeb Team, appreciate your patience as we bring the different pieces of RootsWeb back online in a secure manner. You, our contributors and viewers, are what has made RootsWeb the vibrant free genealogy community it is.

The RootsWeb Team

SaskGenWeb Mailing Lists

Sask Gen Web Mailing Lists

Update from Ancestry/ IT  : January 25, 2018
We have been in the process of improving the site throughout 2017, and as a result of an issue we recently became aware of, we have taken the site offline while we work to resolve it. We take the security of our contributors and our viewers seriously. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but protecting our users’ personal information is our top priority.

We have taken the RootsWeb Mail system offline for the next few weeks so that we can upgrade the Mailman system. Mailman is the software which runs the mailing lists. While the system is down, you will not be able to send or receive email. We thank you for your patience.{Source}

Please stay tuned for updates  😦

Sask Gen Web Message Boards

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Sask Gen Web Message Boards and Query Boards
Each of the following message boards or query boards is titled with the name of a city or community.  The ancestry message board postings relate to the larger area around this placenames.  The message boards are operational while the Rootsweb Team is fixing the Websites.

Saskatchewan Genealogy Message Boards

Moose Jaw
Prince Albert
St. Joseph’s
Swift Current

Message boards receive entries by topic on each board, and are classified by the SURNAMES  mentioned in the posting

  • Query: A request for genealogical information from others on the board.
  • Bible: A transcription or quote of information recorded in a bible such as a family bible.
  • Biography: A transcription or quote from a biography of an individual. This classification can also be used for transcriptions of biographical articles, such as newspaper articles.
  • Birth: A transcription or quote from an official birth record such as a church record or birth certificate.
  • Cemetery: A transcription or quote from an official cemetery record or tombstone.
  • Census: A transcription or quote from an official census record.
  • Death: A transcription or quote from an official death record such as a church record or death certificate.
  • Deed: A transcription or quote from an official land, property or other deed.
    Immigration: A transcription or quote from an official immigration-related record. Official records may include: passenger list, naturalization application, and/or citizenship documentation.
  • Lookup: A request for another board member to look up information in a certain place or the results or response to a lookup request.
  • Marriage: Transcription or quote from an official marriage record. Official records may include: wedding certificate, church record and/or marriage license.
  • Military: Transcription or quote from an official military record.
  • Obituary: Transcription or quote from a published obituary or death notice.
  • Pension: Transcription or quote from an official pension record.
  • Will: Transcription or quote from a will or probate.
    Other: Other data that does not have a category listed. Please use this classification sparingly.

A very good idea is to select a good  subject line.  Do not use a generic subject line that only says “searching for my family”  as that is what the message boards are for, and everyone knows that whomever arrives is doing their family tree.  Instead, place in the subject line, the given name and SURNAME of your ancestor, with additionally pertinent dates, and placename.  With such a subject line, it is easier to see if there is a family researcher or distant cousin who may link with information to the full message of the posting.


While the Rootsweb/ IT specialists are fixing the problems, Sask Gen Web will start to come back online on this site to help you in your ancestral research for Saskatchewan. 😉

SaskGenweb is down as Rootsweb/ has taken the hosted webpages down off their website.  They state  “We have been in the process of improving the site throughout 2017, and as a result of an issue we recently became aware of, we have taken the site offline while we work to resolve it. We take the security of our contributors and our viewers seriously. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but protecting our users’ personal information is our top priority.”