Saskatchewan Cemeteries online

Ron Isherwood October 09, 1946 – August 09, 2017 enjoyed working on his Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project, and he also had enjoyed doing genealogy research.  Thank you very kindly to the many contributions made by Ron Isherwood, and for his dedication to the Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project, indeed.

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The Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project which is now restored and operational online after the hiatus between December 2017 and September 2018.  The Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project is not being updated after 2017, but is kept online in an archived status thanks to Rootsweb.


NOTE  There are a large number of organizations who are currently compiling cemetery information online which can be viewed at

The Canada Gen Web Cemetery Project – Saskatchewan Cemetery Project is a separate project from Ron Isherwood’s Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project and the Canada Gen Web Cemetery Project – Saskatchewan Cemetery Project features submitted transcripts searchable by ancestor’s name for all of Canada or Saskatchewan or by cemetery! Check out this cemetery transcriptions/photographs online project.

Ancestor Recognition Project – Cemetery Preservation: Online Cemetery Digitization courtesy of the Sask Gen Web Project

Online Historical Digitization Project back online!

The Online Historical Digitization Project is now back online. This website was offline between December 2017-September 2018, however the Rootsweb/ IT department has returned the data online, restored and preserved.  Thank you for  your patience.

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New maps are expected to go online at the Online Historical Digitization Project so check this link periodically


SaskGenWeb Regions are back online

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The original Saskatchewan Gen Web pages hosted on rootsweb / are now restored online, and can be viewed at:

1. Swift Current

2. Moose Jaw

3. Weyburn

4. Kindersley

5. Regina

6. Yorkton

Lloydminster region 10 Prince Albert region 11 Battleford region 7 Saskatoon Region 8 Kamsack Region 9 Kindersley Region 4 Regina Region 5 Swift Current Region 1 Moose Jaw Region 2 Weyburn Region 3 Yorkton Region 6
7. Battleford
7a. St. Joseph’s Colony 8. Saskatoon

9. Kamsack

10. Lloydminster

10a. Barr Colony

11. Prince Albert

and the temporary Sask Gen Web pages hosted during the crash of December 2017 – September 2018 which were hosted on the 123 pages; are at

  1. Swift Current Gen Web Region
  2. Moose Jaw  Gen Web Region
  3. Weyburn Gen Web Region
  4. Kindersley Gen Web Region
  5. Regina Gen Web Region
  6. Yorkton Gen Web Region
  7. Battleford Gen Web Region
  8. Saskatoon Gen Web Region
  9. Kamsack Gen Web Region
  10. Lloydminster Gen Web Region
  11. Prince Albert Gen Web Region

Sask Gen Web is restored online!

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Sask Gen Web a part of the Canada Gen Web Project is now back online and on the internet, so thousands and thousands of resources transcribed or photographed and uploaded to the internet on the  Saskatchewan Gen Web Rootsweb pages can once again be viewed!  From cemeteries, to public domain books and historical maps, ancestral biographies, family trees, and much, much more.  See why Ancestry/Rootsweb had taken all the original pages of data off line in December 2017and read a news account of why Ancestry/Rootsweb pages are offline  Thank you for your patience and also thank you to the resources on the Wayback machine  Sask Gen Web on the Wayback Machine. 

Thank you kindly for the hours of dedicated work put into the web pages by the many Saskatchewan Gen Web volunteers, and those who had submitted information, pictures and resources to the Saskatchewan gen web project on Ancestry/rootsweb your interest and dedication was simply amazing and appreciated by so many!   The original Saskatchewan Gen Web is back up and running  Thank you to Rootsweb – Ancestry IT department for restoring and preserving the data submitted by volunteers and submitters as of September 2018

Saskatchewan Gen Web had a temporary presence at   to provide temporary genealogical resources while rootsweb/ was down between December 2017 and September 2018. Thank you for visiting the temporary SaskGenWeb site  and for viewing the announcements which appeared periodically on the E-Magazine and on wordpress.

Saskatchewan  Gen Web, the resource and database projects and Saskatchewan Regions are an online centre for free online genealogy assistance, resources, listings, and databases and information.  The Gen Webs receive transcripts, photographs, and digitized genealogical information from interested citizens, historians and genealogists and the Gen Web volunteers place it online for free access.


Sask Gen Web Message Boards

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Sask Gen Web Message Boards and Query Boards
Each of the following message boards or query boards is titled with the name of a city or community.  The ancestry message board postings relate to the larger area around this placenames.  The message boards are operational while the Rootsweb Team is fixing the Websites.

Saskatchewan Genealogy Message Boards

Moose Jaw
Prince Albert
St. Joseph’s
Swift Current

Message boards receive entries by topic on each board, and are classified by the SURNAMES  mentioned in the posting

  • Query: A request for genealogical information from others on the board.
  • Bible: A transcription or quote of information recorded in a bible such as a family bible.
  • Biography: A transcription or quote from a biography of an individual. This classification can also be used for transcriptions of biographical articles, such as newspaper articles.
  • Birth: A transcription or quote from an official birth record such as a church record or birth certificate.
  • Cemetery: A transcription or quote from an official cemetery record or tombstone.
  • Census: A transcription or quote from an official census record.
  • Death: A transcription or quote from an official death record such as a church record or death certificate.
  • Deed: A transcription or quote from an official land, property or other deed.
    Immigration: A transcription or quote from an official immigration-related record. Official records may include: passenger list, naturalization application, and/or citizenship documentation.
  • Lookup: A request for another board member to look up information in a certain place or the results or response to a lookup request.
  • Marriage: Transcription or quote from an official marriage record. Official records may include: wedding certificate, church record and/or marriage license.
  • Military: Transcription or quote from an official military record.
  • Obituary: Transcription or quote from a published obituary or death notice.
  • Pension: Transcription or quote from an official pension record.
  • Will: Transcription or quote from a will or probate.
    Other: Other data that does not have a category listed. Please use this classification sparingly.

A very good idea is to select a good  subject line.  Do not use a generic subject line that only says “searching for my family”  as that is what the message boards are for, and everyone knows that whomever arrives is doing their family tree.  Instead, place in the subject line, the given name and SURNAME of your ancestor, with additionally pertinent dates, and placename.  With such a subject line, it is easier to see if there is a family researcher or distant cousin who may link with information to the full message of the posting.


While the Rootsweb/ IT specialists are fixing the problems, Sask Gen Web will start to come back online on this site to help you in your ancestral research for Saskatchewan. 😉

SaskGenweb is down as Rootsweb/ has taken the hosted webpages down off their website.  They state  “We have been in the process of improving the site throughout 2017, and as a result of an issue we recently became aware of, we have taken the site offline while we work to resolve it. We take the security of our contributors and our viewers seriously. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but protecting our users’ personal information is our top priority.”